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Patrick Emile is a writer, director, sound designer, and composer creating for film, stage, and the podcast space. His past clients include BBC Storyworks, Avison Young, Benjamin Moore, Genome British Columbia, JAR Audio, and Writer Wrong Podcast. A recipient of the Frederick Loewe Award for Musical Theatre, Patrick’s training includes studying composition and audio engineering at the University Of North Texas College of Music, as well as participating in intensive labs such as the New Dramatists Composer-Librettist Studio and the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop. His work has been experienced on screens, stages, and headphones throughout the world.




Patrick J. Emile

Dallas, TX 75226

Tel: 214-886-7462

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"Patrick always has artistic integrity as his priority, whether he is producing his own work or is responsible for producing someone else's. While having the necessary ability to compromise and adapt, his professionalism and love for art make him a trustworthy collaborator."

- Sara Means 

"Every time I get to work with Patrick I feel guided towards creativity. He records every session with complete professionalism while still maintaining and encouraging the element of fun and play that makes his work so special."

- Amber Rossi-Strasser

"Patrick is inspiring. He has a vision and an artistic sound unlike anything I've ever heard. Working with him was a pleasure and I hope to collaborate again soon."

- Marlo Mysliwiec

"I've had the pleasure of working with Patrick on a variety of projects for the better part of a decade. He is always a consummate professional and his creative approach and attention to detail have always led to stellar results."

- Tyler Lucas

"Patrick is one of the most patient directors for whom I have ever worked. His direction always brought things out in me that elevated my characters to levels I didn't previously see. Working with him has given me the confidence I needed to start acting again."

- Courtney Dymond

"Patrick possesses an unquenchable curiosity that provides unequivocal knowledge, perspective, and versatility of skills that make him an excellent leader and collaborator. He is an absolute gentleman that operates with humility and utmost respect for his collaborators' abilities, differences, time, and energy."

- Cody Dry

"Patrick is one of the most talented creators I've had the privilege to work with. His imagination knows no limits when he is writing a new show or piece of music. When directing, he is kind and precise and helps you understand new facets of a character in a very relatable way. He is a mastermind on the keyboard and a wizard on sound design. Patrick has rewritten audition cuts for me, helped me record and edit voice over auditions, and has workshopped several monologues and scenes with me. He is always professional, warm, and timely. I would recommend working with Patrick any day of the week as every project with him is a true privilege."

- Mindy Neuendorff

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